Garage insurance in DuBois and throughout Pennsylvania.

As the owner of a garage-based business like a body shop or tow truck service, your business faces more risks than a typical business. Specialized garage insurance is designed with these unique risks in mind.

If you operate a tow truck service, body shop or other garage business, you face a wide range of risks, including not just the usual employer and business issues, but potential damage to your customers’ property, as well. A dedicated garage insurance policy can cover all of these risks in a single place.

Garage insurance starts out with general liability insurance, which covers against the costs of any injury caused to visitors while on your premises, along with the costs of defending such claims. It can also add in workers compensation (a legal requirement that covers employees against lost income and medical costs for workplace injuries) and the benefits of a business owners policy such as coverage against loss of income if your garage is out of action.

Perhaps most importantly, such policies usually also include garagekeeper legal liability insurance, which covers against damage to customer vehicles that are in your care, through accidents, fire, theft or vandalism. This overcomes the problem that cars will often be excluded from a standard general liability insurance policy. Note that normally a policy will only cover one specific location.

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